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  • Minimum order of 8 x 15L bottles per month
  • Refundable deposit of $10.00 per bottle
  • Retail customers only
  • Offer not available for existing customers
  • Only within our delivery area

Welcome to Refresh Pure Water


Most water contains dissolved solids in various forms. Most commonly in the form of organic salts. These salts cannot be easily absorbed by the body and end up hindering cellular function.more


Refresh Pure Water is quite unlike other waters. The clean crisp taste of Refresh Pure Water is something everyone will remember. Once you’ve tried it we guaranteed you won’t want to drink any other water.more


To want the finest water for your health is only natural. Which is why Refresh purifies water the very same way that nature purifies life sustaining water - by evaporation and condensation. more

Where to Buy Refresh

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Refresh Pure Water 5L is sold at almost all Woolworth's Supermarkets in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia.

Refresh Pure Water 12L comes in non-returnable PET bottles. This is compatible with any water cooler or dispenser. Sold by Complete Office Supplies, Office National and Office Brands outlets.

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free office water cooler rental

Perfect for Business $199

  • 5 x 15L bottles
  • 2 Tap Room & Cold Cooler
  • 12 months Rental
  • Includes $50 refundable deposits
  • Free installation, delivery and service