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Most water contains dissolved solids in various forms. Most commonly in the form of organic salts. These salts cannot be easily absorbed by the body and end up hindering cellular function. There are also contaminants that may have found their way into the water table. Even rain water is affected by airborne pollution and contamination from collection vessels.

Only steam distillation can ensure the removal of all minerals, salts, heavy metals and chemical residue from water, leaving nothing but pure H2O.


Refresh Pure Water is quite unlike other waters. The clean crisp taste of Refresh Pure Water is something everyone will remember. Once you’ve tried it we guaranteed you won’t want to drink any other water. v

The reason is simple, you’re drinking pure water untainted by any minerals or chemicals. Try the taste test yourself. Try Refresh Pure Water and your favourite water side by side and see the difference. We’re so confident you’ll love our crisp natural taste that if you don’t think Refresh Water tastes better we’ll refund your purchase.


To have the finest water for your health is only natural. This is why Refresh purifies water the very same way that nature purifies life sustaining water - by evaporation and condensation.

In the same way the sun evaporates water from the Earth’s surface leaving behind impurities and then condensing in the form of rain, Refresh steams off water molecules leaving behind impurities. They then condense and collect pure water droplets. This collected water is unadulterated H20 - pure and simple. Nothing could be more natural or more pure. No other purification process is more effective at removing man made contaminants or more natural. In fact Refresh uses a patented process that guarantees an average of less than one part per million total dissolved solids. Nothing else comes close.


Most of our body is water. Our very essence bathes in its life supporting environment. It is part of every cell in our body. It is involved with most, if not all, chemical processes in our bodies. It helps transports essential nutrients throughout the body and even across cell walls, nutrients that we need to survive and maintain normal cellular function. Any water which is not pure interferes with efficient cellular function and proper body metabolism. Only pure H20 is capable of providing the optimal environment for cellular function and in turn optimal health for ourselves. And just as pure water helps the body operate more efficiently it also helps remove waste products more efficiently and contaminants from the body.

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Refresh also provides contract bottling of private labels. It has been packing for the WA Water Corporation since 2000. Many companies use bottled water with their own custom designed labels as a promotional product or for marketing campaigns. Custom labelled bottled water is a cost effective form of promotional advertising.

Another division, Oz Water Filters, stocks the widest range of water purifiers in Australia. The range includes sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, distillers and air-to-water generators. These include portable as well as plumbed-in units. The wide variety ensures a drinking water solution to suit every requirement or budget. Distributorships held include AirQua from Singapore, Coway from Korea, Durastill from United States, Precision Water Systems from Canada and Megahome from Taiwan. It also supplies point-of-use (POU) water purifiers on monthly rental.

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